Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lifestyle Bags

Nowadays many studies criticizing human life in modern times. Start of discourse about social life, culture to spiritual. Much of the literature and also figures to be a reference for assessing how humans look at once in this millennium to move from the bed and then back again to sleep with all the activities and routines.

All matters relating to human scrutinized, assessed, reviewed, and compared. Of course it is a common thing because of the nature of every person is to be an observer who later became assessor.

The problem is that sometimes when an assessment is an assessment erroneous and without foundation. Or the results of the assessment are given a mere sentiment that makes it into something less meaningful.

So also with what will be written here : not a personal sentiment, but an observation that is of course based on authentic evidence that can be seen by everyone.

Various Model of Bags

Various Forms Bag

1. Backpack
During SD s / d high school I use a backpack to school. Especially when the backpack when it is a trend with dynamic colors without much detail. Duffel bag or backpack is a kind of backpack that judging from its name has a macho and masculine side, but look now, backpack for women has been produced with a very beautiful design and attractive colors. Function backpack is practical and functional both in form and usefulness.

2. Baguette Bag or Bag
Then there are the so-called Baguette bag, which is designed for the type of bag carried on the shoulder with a strap that has a strap, so that we can arrange short length, even up past the chest on most long baguette -sized bag. Baguette bag is gorgeously decorated by beads, pearls, and even gold thread made from crocodile skin.

3. Clucth Bag or Handbag
Ever noticed the bags that women wear when in a party ? Beautiful bags with tiny shape and fit in the hand is called Clutch Bag. Clucth grip itself has a meaning, which means that the bag is held. Clucth bag comes in various forms and materials ; round, square, triangle, pentagon with satin materials, animal skins, canvas, and others.

About Bags

Let 's look at a collection of bags that we have, how many ? What about the colors ? Have all the color we have? And what about the various usefulness ? We can not possibly go to a party with a backpack or a backpack instead ?

The need for a bag, especially for women is no longer just to bring personal items only. Bag today has become a commodity fashion, ie complementary fashion women. Bags are also no longer form a rigid box, but very dynamic and artistic. Ever see a cartoon character shaped bag ? Or perhaps shaped guitar ? Or even already inhabit the closet ?

In keeping with the times and wild creative ideas, the kinds of bags and the more diverse, the material was so, from animal skins to denim. Just look at the shops bags, magazines, shopping catalogs, ads, all offering a variety of handbags men and women are quite attractive.