Wednesday, May 7, 2014

About Bags

Let 's look at a collection of bags that we have, how many ? What about the colors ? Have all the color we have? And what about the various usefulness ? We can not possibly go to a party with a backpack or a backpack instead ?

The need for a bag, especially for women is no longer just to bring personal items only. Bag today has become a commodity fashion, ie complementary fashion women. Bags are also no longer form a rigid box, but very dynamic and artistic. Ever see a cartoon character shaped bag ? Or perhaps shaped guitar ? Or even already inhabit the closet ?

In keeping with the times and wild creative ideas, the kinds of bags and the more diverse, the material was so, from animal skins to denim. Just look at the shops bags, magazines, shopping catalogs, ads, all offering a variety of handbags men and women are quite attractive.

Needs of women in particular to the presence of the bag it seems to have turned into a primary requirement. Bags are no longer as mere appearance but complementary needs and lifestyle.

Takjarang, most women also often mix and match the bags with clothing that will be used. Start of colors, themes, and designs. The goal is only one, to beautify themselves and look fashionable.

Suitability bags and even clothing to shoes is no longer a strange thing for women. I do not know, the tendency to always look different and beautiful as has become instinct.

Bag, together with shoes and clothing. Goods supporting performances this one also has a lot of fans. Collecting bags even become a hobby for some women.

The reason some women are interested in collecting bag because the bag design is attractive, the color that matches the taste, or simply because the brand is already very popular bag.

When talking about the function of the bag, you must have been very familiar. Just imagine if you did not bring a bag, while you have to carry a lot of stuff that happens is an incredible hassle. Function as a place to put the bags a variety of purposes during travel frequently can not be replaced by anything.

In fact, the bag is not only the needs of the women belong. The man was also so. A striking difference between the bags for men and women are in terms of a model or the shape. Bags for men tend to have a simple form, while bags for women generally have a more sophisticated model. The addition of various accents such as pearls are a natural thing when designing handbags for women.

The following are some of the bags, which forms never timeless. Based on these forms of bags, bags latest model is developed.

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