Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lifestyle Bags

Nowadays many studies criticizing human life in modern times. Start of discourse about social life, culture to spiritual. Much of the literature and also figures to be a reference for assessing how humans look at once in this millennium to move from the bed and then back again to sleep with all the activities and routines.

All matters relating to human scrutinized, assessed, reviewed, and compared. Of course it is a common thing because of the nature of every person is to be an observer who later became assessor.

The problem is that sometimes when an assessment is an assessment erroneous and without foundation. Or the results of the assessment are given a mere sentiment that makes it into something less meaningful.

So also with what will be written here : not a personal sentiment, but an observation that is of course based on authentic evidence that can be seen by everyone.

This relates to how a community or society into an entity that can be represented by the objects around them. Although it would look a little indict, but the phenomenon will be discussed has become a common thing that is also no longer a public secret.

Degrees Or Strata

In this era of increasingly advanced, many created by the unique society that has certain things that can be revealed at any layer of the society or community members. An example is represented by fashion objects forming it 's own fashion such as bags, shoes, apparel, and others.

It is not an observation that is too deep, but there are some things that are invisible to the eye is able to be assessed from the objects forming the strata. If the use of bags are those who understand fashion, always worn a matching bag with what is being charged.

With a casual style and various forms of casual bags, we can judge that the possibility of the wearer is a member of the upper middle layer.

Referred to as members of the middle layer of society because they are located in this layer are usually those who already understand fashion so as to understand how to mix and match the accessories with other accessories.

Can be also considered as an upper layer of society because it is usually more simple to use and more suited to the wearer, who charged it was an expensive item.

In fact there is a saying that says : there lies complexity within simplicity - or something wrapped in a complicated things simple. Of course this is not easy to create handbags, shoes, belts, or other forms of fashion simple yet elegantly wrapped with a beautiful complexity.

This kind of stuff is certainly not cheap stuff. Lots to think about to get quality stuff like this. If handbags and other fashion form imposed is that 's it or tend to be colored, sorry, but tacky, the possibility of the wearer is a community of lower middle class.

Referred to as members of the middle class because even though many of those who understand fashion, many of them are just too busy to think about what bag or shoes what will be used for any occasion.

That they have is that they use

All they have is stuff that makes them comfortable and all of it was enough. Referred to as a member of the lower class because the goods are usually valued not so high, of course not made with thought and consideration that is too heavy.

Little consideration so that the artistic blend of colors usually hit home because of limited funds or production so that the materials used to create fashion products is not as good a product as simple as that referred to above.

Therefore, one can get these items are those that just want to spend a little money for their fashion. However, any handbags, shoes, clothing or other fashion products are used by all members of society, which of course only part visible outside.

Many other things that affect judgment and that judgment is not necessarily true. Nonetheless, the fashion products such as handbags and other accessories still be a symbol, in which one of the layers. A symbol which only became a symbol of the time we never disputed.

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