Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Various Model of Bags

Various Forms Bag

1. Backpack
During SD s / d high school I use a backpack to school. Especially when the backpack when it is a trend with dynamic colors without much detail. Duffel bag or backpack is a kind of backpack that judging from its name has a macho and masculine side, but look now, backpack for women has been produced with a very beautiful design and attractive colors. Function backpack is practical and functional both in form and usefulness.

2. Baguette Bag or Bag
Then there are the so-called Baguette bag, which is designed for the type of bag carried on the shoulder with a strap that has a strap, so that we can arrange short length, even up past the chest on most long baguette -sized bag. Baguette bag is gorgeously decorated by beads, pearls, and even gold thread made from crocodile skin.

3. Clucth Bag or Handbag
Ever noticed the bags that women wear when in a party ? Beautiful bags with tiny shape and fit in the hand is called Clutch Bag. Clucth grip itself has a meaning, which means that the bag is held. Clucth bag comes in various forms and materials ; round, square, triangle, pentagon with satin materials, animal skins, canvas, and others.

Initially, clutch bag does not have a handle, but because many women took it especially hard when they have to shake hands, eating, and other activities at the party clutch bag now also has a grip / handle, there is made of fine iron chains, ropes, ribbons, and many again.

4. Goodie Bag or Bag Souvenir
When we got a souvenir shop or a birthday or a wedding, we got a goodie bag shaped drawstring bag or can also use zippers with fabric base material, a thin nylon or canvas, these bags can be called Pouch bag.

Pouch pockets which means means versatile bag for carrying various items of various sizes. Pouch bag made with various additional embellishments such as beads and lace or patchwork, so more and more beautiful and nothing seemed too simple.

5. Kelly Bag or Bag Leather
Ever heard the name Kelly Bag ? Oh no, this bag does not belong to a woman named Kelly, but Kelly's name is taken from the name of a famous artist his beautiful, Grace Kelly, are very fond of artificial leather Hermes bag. Even when she was photographed Paparazzi, she hid her pregnancy that she was not ready to announce to the world with this bag.

Since then this bag is popularly known as the Kelly Bag. Basically this bag has a rigid and formal shape, like a small suitcase or laptop bag for the office or work and made from animal skin. Along with the development of fashion, Kelly bag continues to innovate and delight fans with various designs.

6. Mailman bag
It turns out the mailman bag also participated enliven bag trend in the market. Yes, Postman Bag or Messenger Bag is a bag that is quite attractive because the model is practical, simply looped or slung over the wearer's chest then swing freely without fear of falling or sagging bag.

7. Hobo Bag or Bag Crescent
Perhaps among us have ever seen a bag or large purse shaped crescent or half circle ? Yes, That is called Hobo Bag. With a long strap for shoulder strapped, making Hobo bag comes as pretty fashionable handbags with unique design. Why is called Hobo bag ? Because the bag was originally inspired by the workers ( the hobo ) who wander from one place to another place in America in the 19th century, they used to carry some sort of bag that is tied directly to their shoulders.

8. Tote Bag or Carry Case
If you want to bring a variety of daily necessities quite a lot ( usually college kids or mothers ), use the Tote Bag, the tote bags that are large and furnished by zippers or straps. In some tote bag could also not find a zipper or cover it at all, like a tote bag made from cotton or thin canvas example. Tote word itself means " carry ".

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